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Monthly Archive for June, 2011

Night at the Castle

I’ve been working with a local ad magazine as well as with Alpine Community Arts on their upcoming production of Cinderella.  I’ve photographed the cast for the program head shots as well at additional publicity shots.  Last week we took Cinderella out for a shoot for the Adbag – a local magazine that publishes business […]

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Last Farewell

Last month I was photographing a Salt Lake Real soccer game when I heard the rare sound of a piston fired aircraft passing overhead.  I was surprised to see a B-17 flying fortress passing over the stadium.   The B-17 is famous for it’s role in world war II.  It’s most well known missions were […]

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The Back Yard

Spring is a wonderful time of the year.  The weather seems to change every day bringing with it interesting light, filtering through storm clouds or reflected in the early morning’s deep blue sky.  Various flowers come and go during the season bringing a new display as the days pass by.  Years ago my wife started […]

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Creative Edge

I received an email from a potential client not too long ago.  She was interested in a family portrait.  At my invitation she and her husband dropped by for a visit and consultation.  Dad expressed a desire for something with an urban look to it;  something different from the usual Utah family portrait.  He had […]

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